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CA7: 4A doesn’t bar Michigan state GPS warrant permitting tracking of car into Indiana

It didn’t violate the Fourth Amendment for a state issued GPS warrant in Michigan to track a car into Indiana. Territoriality is a state law issue, hardly ever a Fourth Amendment issue. “The problem with Castetter’s principal argument is that … Continue reading

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CA9: Entry into glove box to get registration unreasonable where it’s all on police computers already and VIN on dash

Police officer’s entry into defendant’s glove compartment for registration was unreasonable where the VIN is visible on the dashboard (see New York v. Class) and could be run on the patrol car’s computer to retrieve the same information. It may … Continue reading

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NJ: Waiting for a SW isn’t exigency to enter a home, but that wasn’t clearly established in 2008 for § 1983 purposes

In 2008, officers entered and seized plaintiff’s home while waiting for a search warrant. In a § 1983 and N.J. Civil Rights Act case, it was not clearly established at the time that that was unreasonable. He gets qualified immunity, … Continue reading

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CA10: Where one in car flashed gun in a bar, it was reasonable to order occupants to ground when stopped

Defendant was seen flashing a gun in a bar in Colorado, and police got a specific description including hair braids and dress from the wait staff. When the car was seen, officers ordered the occupants out and to the ground … Continue reading

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CA3: Public hospital’s taking child from ambulance at ER was reasonable since parents wouldn’t provide medical history or answer questions about child’s condition

Plaintiffs’ Fourth and Fourteenth Amendment claim against the defendant public hospital for taking their baby from an ambulance and treating it in the emergency room was reasonable under the circumstances. The hospital staff couldn’t get answers from the parents about … Continue reading

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TN: Def was brought before magistrate 47¼ hours after his arrest; no Riverside violation and it wouldn’t ripen to a Gerstein violation

Defendant was brought before a magistrate 47¼ hours after his arrest and arraigned at 3:15 am, and this was presumptively reasonable. His interrogation after he was released from the hospital after arrest but before arraignment complied with Miranda, and nothing … Continue reading

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NE: Driver’s refusal to get out of car can be offense of refusal to obey lawful order

Because an officer can order a vehicle occupant out of a car under the Fourth Amendment (here because he couldn’t hear the driver because of a nearby ambulance), the occupant can be convicted of failure to obey a lawful order. … Continue reading

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CA9: LAPD’s and California’s 30 day vehicle impoundment policy violates 4A

LAPD’s and the State of California’s policy of requiring all impounded vehicles be held 30 days violates the Fourth Amendment. Plaintiff loaned her car to her brother-in-law who was arrested for a suspended license, and the car was impounded. She … Continue reading

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E.D.Mich.: Possible violation of state law doesn’t mean exclusion in federal court

The CI’s identity was not kept secret, and there was probable cause for the search warrant. The affidavit was not bare bones. The possible violation of state law isn’t shown to be of constitutional magnitude for exclusion of evidence in … Continue reading

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MI: Predawn knock-and-talk was a trespass under Jardines; even Girl Scouts know better

Predawn (4 am in one case, 5:30 am in other) knock-and-talk was a trespass and violated social norms under Jardines. Implied license to enter the curtilage is time sensitive. People v. Frederick, 2017 Mich. LEXIS 1113 (June 1, 2017):

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