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M.D.Pa.: Knocking and getting no answer is not exigency

The entry into defendant’s house on probable cause but without an arrest warrant was unreasonable. The officers claimed exigency from the fact they announced and nobody answered. After the entry, the police went to defendant’s wife and told her of … Continue reading

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E.D.Tex.: Suicide by cop as exigency requires actual engagement with law enforcement

The government’s claim of exigency from an alleged fear of “suicide by cop” is rejected here. “The Government invokes the inherent danger of suicide and, in particular, suicide by cop, but suicide by cop requires engagement with law enforcement. The … Continue reading

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CA9: Hearing apparent domestic abuse inside from choking and threatening to use a gun justified police entry

“The district court properly concluded that probable cause and exigent circumstances justified the police officers’ warrantless entry into the apartment. The officers heard Harris and Leanna Devad fighting; witnesses reported hearing choking sounds and hearing Devad say that Harris had … Continue reading

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OH7: House door wide open, no cars in driveway, skittish dog and a lot of dog feces justified entry on exigency

The emergency aid exception justified entry into defendant’s house where the officer reasonably feared the owner or occupant of the house was in some sort of danger based upon the front door being wide open in the middle of winter, … Continue reading

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OH5: Statute makes meth lab exigency per se; entry to freeze premises for SW reasonable

Ohio statute states that a methamphetamine lab is per se an exigency, and the officer’s seizure without a search warrant to get a search warrant was reasonable. State v. Umstead, 2017-Ohio-698, 2017 Ohio App. LEXIS 691 (5th Dist. Feb. 24, … Continue reading

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CA4: Pre-Rodriguez stop was valid under law at time

Rodriguez was decided after the stop, and the circuit recognized de minimus delays in the stop. Moreover, the stop is not calculated merely by time: “Under Digiovanni and other pre-Rodriguez cases, that Deputy McMurray may have been able to end … Continue reading

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D.Ore.: Def stopped at roadblock from Malheur National Wildlife Refuge could be searched again after he went back to talk others into leaving

Defendant arrived at the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge in January 2016. After arrests and the killing of one, he decided to leave and encountered a roadblock where he was briefly searched. Officers asked if he would go back to the … Continue reading

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D.Conn.: Shots fired call is not per se exigency; totality standard must apply

A shots fired call is not carte blanche exigency–the totality of circumstances must still be examined. Here, the court finds no exigency for the warrantless entry or protective sweep and that the exclusionary rule should be applied. The costs aren’t … Continue reading

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D.Nev.: No actual or apparent authority to consent shown; presence of gun in motel room not exigency per se

Actual authority to consent and apparent authority in a motel room are two different things. Here, the government can’t show either on this record. The possibility of a gun in the room is not an exigent circumstance. United States v. … Continue reading

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NY Co.Ct.: Need for an emergency entry doesn’t need to rise to PC

Uncorroborated hearsay statement defendant was suicidal was still enough for an emergency entry. The need for an emergency entry doesn’t even necessarily have to rise to the level of probable cause. People v. Ormanian, 2016 NY Slip Op 26456, 2016 … Continue reading

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