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A.F.Ct.Crim.App.: Retest of inconclusive UA was reasonable

The military judge erred in suppressing the results of a second “reinspection” UA administered as a base protocol after a first UA after an AWOL come up positive, diluted, or inconclusive. It was a reasonable command imposed requirement. United States … Continue reading

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E.D.Va.: While def’s Navy commander in CA couldn’t authorize military search on a base in VA, GFE applies

Defendant was in the Navy, and, due to a potential rape allegation against him, a pretext text message was sent to him by NCIS on behalf of the alleged victim. Defendant was stationed in San Diego, but he was in … Continue reading

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N.-M. Ct.Crim.App.: Trial judge’s findings on deterrence for exclusion lacking, so remanded

Defendant was charged in Washington state court with child pornography after he was arrested in a prostitution sting and police obtained access to his cell phone by getting his password. The state court suppressed the search of the cell phone, … Continue reading

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Army Ct.Crim.App.: SW for evidence of sex abuse on computer didn’t include child porn

A military search warrant for evidence of “attempted sexual abuse of a child, abusive sexual contact with a child and other offenses related” did not include child pornography. When child pornography was found, another warrant was required, and CID didn’t … Continue reading

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CA4: Feres doctrine barred Army NG officer’s § 1983 email search claim when he was deployed

Plaintiff was a Colonel in the North Carolina Army National Guard stationed in Kuwait, and he claimed that his email was unlawfully searched by another officer and forwarded around in violation of his Fourth Amendment rights. The Feres doctrine, requiring … Continue reading

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CAAF: AFB gate security officer wasn’t AFOSI, so his involvement was private search on day off

Defendant’s wife enlisted aid from a family friend at an Air Force base who was in the gate security forces, and he wasn’t a criminal investigator. At the time all this arose, she was there for social purposes. The court … Continue reading

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