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TX4: Fact that PC was via collective knowledge but not all details how was not Franks violation

It was apparent that the person whose information ended up in the search warrant application was a citizen informant not subject to a more intense review for probable cause. The fact that the affiant didn’t personally talk to the informant … Continue reading

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CO declines to give greater state const’l rights to closed container

Defendant was stopped for fictitious tags, and he had a revoked DL and no insurance, too. An inventory of the vehicle was conducted, and a closed cooler was searched. Conceding the search valid under the Fourth Amendment, he argued that … Continue reading

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E.D.N.C.: Collective knowledge doctrine applies between FBI and state officers

“The collective knowledge doctrine, however, is not limited to cases where a superior officer commands another officer. Rather, the doctrine properly may be applied in cases where information is relayed between different law enforcement departments, even when the agency possessing … Continue reading

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DE: When collective knowledge is used, the first with PC or RS must be called at suppression hearing; hearsay not admissible

When the state relies on the collective knowledge doctrine, it is required to call the officers involved in both ends of it. Merely having the searching officer testify to hearsay as to what the first officer did is inadequate, even … Continue reading

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