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M.D.Fla.: There was RS for a dog sniff of a package in the mail, and the alert was PC for a SW; def’s motion to suppress suggested no standing

There was reasonable suspicion to detain a package in the mail for a dog sniff because of the way it was packaged and labeled suggested that it contained drugs. After the dog alert, there was a necessary delay in obtaining … Continue reading

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D.Haw.: Using three people to mask defendant’s alleged ownership of a package was a lack of standing in the package

“Here, Defendant Notyce was neither the sender nor the addressee of the package. The parcel was not addressed to him or a physical location associated with him. Defendant Notyce did not retrieve the parcel from the post office box or … Continue reading

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S.D.W.Va.: Govt established RS to detain def’s express mail package

The officers here had reasonable suspicion to detain defendant’s express mail parcel. United States v. Zirkle, 2017 U.S. Dist. LEXIS 173863 (S.D. W.Va. Oct. 20, 2017):

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D.Alaska: Installing GPS on a package with an anticipatory warrant didn’t require SW

An anticipatory search warrant was issued for 1921 but was delivered to 1911 because of the use of false addresses. The police entered to seize the package. Defendant doesn’t show he has standing in either the package or the place … Continue reading

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D.Nev.: To have standing in a package, one must be addressee or sender

In this conspiracy case involving mailed packages, none of the defendants were shown as the sender or addressee of this package. The defendant pursuing the motion didn’t even directly possess the package: He drove a woman to the post office … Continue reading

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CA1: Fictitious name of trade assn in mail fraud scam left def with no REP in mail

Defendant created a fictitious trade association and sent out bills, getting many checks back from thousands he mailed out. He had no reasonable expectation of privacy in the envelopes that he had not yet received because of the fictitious names. … Continue reading

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W.D.Ky.: There was RS a package contained drugs to pull it out of the flow of mail for more inspection

The facts on this package in the mail gave reasonable suspicion to pull it out of the stream of mail for a further inspection. “The affidavit sworn to by Springer contains many of the same indices giving rise to reasonable … Continue reading

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