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D.Kan.: Consent to USM was to search for wanted man, and continuing search after finding him exceeded consent

Defendant’s consent was explicit: to search his house for a wanted man. When that man was found, the search had to end. Motion to suppress granted because officers exceeded the consent. United States v. Nelson, 2017 U.S. Dist. LEXIS 164992 … Continue reading

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D.Nev.: SW to seize computers in CP case includes power to search

A warrant to seize computers in a child pornography case includes the power to search it. There was probable cause for the search warrants, and the Franks challenge was too deficient to get a hearing. United States v. Cohen, 2017 … Continue reading

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MA: SW for def’s apt in drug case could authorize seizure of cell phone used to arrange drug transaction and orange shirt worn at time

The trial court erred in allowing defendant’s motion to suppress because the warrant affidavit established probable cause to believe defendant, acting through a middleman, sold cocaine to a street-level dealer. Thus, the seizure of nine cell phones found in defendant’s … Continue reading

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TX14: SW seizure of things besides child pornography to show def’s connection to the premises did not make the search unreasonable

The affidavit for the search warrant for defendant’s home and computer for child pornography was based on probable cause. The seizure of things besides child pornography to show defendant’s connection to the premises did not make the search unreasonable. (§ … Continue reading

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MA: Trial court suppression of confession on tape was clearly erroneous; with PC to arrest, def’s clothing could be seized and forensically tested

The trial court’s order suppressing defendant’s confession and the subsequent search of his clothing is reversed as clearly erroneous. Defendant’s arrest was with probable cause, and that allowed seizure and forensic testing of his clothing. Commonwealth v. Tremblay, 2017 Mass. … Continue reading

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W.D.La.: Dismantling car battery within scope of consent to search car when drugs suspected there

Merely touching the fog line isn’t a safety factor, but the Louisiana courts have sustained that as a reason for a stop, so this court finds this stop reasonable. Defendant consented to a search of the car, and that would … Continue reading

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S.D.N.Y.: The email SW here was limited by time and crime and that made it reasonable and not a general warrant

It is too easy for an email warrant to be a general warrant because there has to be an articulation of what the government is looking for. Moreover, all the emails may be seized so they can be searched looking … Continue reading

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S.D.Cal.: Scope of a parole search is based on RS parolee is in control of specific place searched

The scope of a parole search has to be based on at least reasonable suspicion that the place to be searched was under the control of the parolee. There was no evidence available that showed he had joint control of … Continue reading

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CA4: After seizure of cell phone, actual search under SW doesn’t have to happen by the date on the SW to be reasonable

The seizure then search of defendant’s cell phone under a search warrant was reasonable because the search followed the terms of the warrant. Actually analysis of the data doesn’t have to happen within the time on the face of the … Continue reading

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S.D.N.Y.: Seizure of months of CSLI was proper to connect def to a particular place

Months of historical CSLI, rather than just three day’s worth, was properly acquired by the government to show defendant’s connections to the property at issue. The third party doctrine provides defendant no relief [yet]. United States v. Serrano, 2017 U.S. … Continue reading

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