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TN: Search issue was decided in first appeal, and that’s law of the case and can’t be relitigated

Defendant’s search issue was decided in a prior appeal, and that makes it law of the case. State v. Weilacker, 2017 Tenn. Crim. App. LEXIS 1018 (Dec. 8, 2017). The government doesn’t oppose return of some of the seized evidence, … Continue reading

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D.Minn.: Govt pinned its vehicle search on lack of standing and lost, so vehicle search suppressed; house search, however, shown to be by consent

Even though somebody else owned the van, defendant was a regular user and that gave him standing. At the time of the seizure, it had broken down, and he used it then for storage. The government failed to show any … Continue reading

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techcrunch: Authorities serve Apple a warrant for Texas shooter’s iPhone

techcrunch: Authorities serve Apple a warrant for Texas shooter’s iPhone by Brian Heater:

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TN: Disclaiming any interest in the contents of a car means no standing in the contents

Defendant told the police that nothing in the car was his, so he didn’t have a reasonable expectation of privacy in the contents. Therefore, his defense counsel couldn’t be ineffective for not filing a motion to suppress the search. Dunn … Continue reading

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TN: Def had no standing in wife’s journal

Defendant’s wife’s journal was found by her son and delivered to the police, and it mentioned defendant’s sex crimes against their daughter. He had no standing to challenge the seizure, and it was a private seizure at that. State v. … Continue reading

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IA: Dad can’t raise son’s rights when son was arrested and gave dad up as his source of drugs

Defendant’s juvenile son was selling from his dad’s stash. After the son’s arrest, he gave up his source. Defendant can’t raise violations of his son’s Fourth and Fifth Amendment or statutory rights as a juvenile to challenge the probable cause … Continue reading

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D.Haw.: Using three people to mask defendant’s alleged ownership of a package was a lack of standing in the package

“Here, Defendant Notyce was neither the sender nor the addressee of the package. The parcel was not addressed to him or a physical location associated with him. Defendant Notyce did not retrieve the parcel from the post office box or … Continue reading

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N.D.Cal.: Suspicionless probation search condition not shown to be on defendant; motion to suppress granted

Defendant did not have a suspicionless search condition on him. “This Court now joins the other courts in this district that have held that an officer must have reasonable suspicion to conduct a search of a probationer, unless the probationer … Continue reading

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D.Nev.: Def had standing in a car he was loaned

Defendant had standing to challenge GPS tracking of a car he was loaned by the owner. The search wasn’t a pretext from inventory: there was probable cause for the automobile exception. “A warrantless search can occur even after the automobile … Continue reading

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DE: Probation absconder didn’t have standing in another person’s property; alternatively, probation absconding is exigency

Defendant was a probation absconder, and he did not have standing to contest a search of another probationer’s camper. Even if defendant did have standing, the probation officers substantially complied with departmental guidelines. Defendant’s presence as an absconder from probation … Continue reading

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