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SCOTUS: QI immunity granted where there was arguable PC on the totality for arrests and no case in point saying there wasn’t

On the totality of circumstances, it was reasonable to infer probable cause to arrest plaintiffs for unlawful entry for being in an otherwise vacant building for a party. The actions of the partygoers suggested they knew they had no right … Continue reading

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D.Neb.: Giving home alarm code helps show consent

The record supports that defendant consented to his probation search. Giving the alarm code helps show consent. There was no objection to the probation search at any time. United States v. Wilson, 2018 U.S. Dist. LEXIS 8815 (D. Neb. Jan. … Continue reading

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D. Md.: Def’s 2255 supplemental Franks challenge has a failure of a proffer of evidence

Defendant had a Franks challenge and lost. One 2255 claim is that if defense counsel investigated more, it would have been a better Franks motion, but he fails to state what else would have been found to make it better. … Continue reading

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techdirt: Report Shows US Law Enforcement Routinely Engages In Parallel Construction

techdirt: Report Shows US Law Enforcement Routinely Engages In Parallel Construction by Tim Cushing:

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W.D.N.C.: Delay of search to protect def’s property rights isn’t a constitutional violation

The officers were solicitous of defendant’s property rights and, because his car battery was dead, they waited to get it open rather than pry open the trunk, which they could have done. Their respecting his property rights isn’t hardly a … Continue reading

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NE: Driver could consent to search of car when owner was passenger

Defendant was a passenger in his own car, and it was stopped by the police. The driver gave consent, and it was binding on the owner passenger. State v. Hill, 298 Neb. 675, 2018 Neb. LEXIS (Jan. 19, 2018). When … Continue reading

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E.D.Pa.: Officer’s changed testimony about consent makes court find gov’t didn’t meet burden on consent

“After indicating that Baez verbally consented to the search of the Ford Escape, Officer Mahoney changed her testimony and indicated that she did not remember how Baez gave consent to search the vehicle. Yet, somehow, she remembers that consent was … Continue reading

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D.N.M.: Inventory was reasonable on the totality, so officers’ actual intent doesn’t matter

Defendant was arrested at someone else’s home, and he had a bag. The homeowner wouldn’t take responsibility for the bag, so it went with defendant, and its inventory was reasonable on the totality. “Thus, whether or not the Officers’ testimony … Continue reading

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N.D.Iowa: On totality, dog alert was reliable; not much difference between an “alert” and an “indication”

On the totality of the evidence, recognizing that dog sniffs can be unreliable (see quote), the court finds this one reliable. Also, there isn’t much difference here between a dog “alert” and an “indication.” United States v. Herbst, 2017 U.S. … Continue reading

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S.D.Ohio: Residential rental property is not a “closely regulated industry”

Plaintiff meets his burden to get a preliminary injunction against a city rental property inspection ordinance that had no warrant requirement for refused entry. Rental property is not a closely regulated industry. Vonderhaar v. Evendale, 2018 U.S. Dist. LEXIS 8856 … Continue reading

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ID: Where probation agreement searches occur “at the request of” PO, searching without request was fatal

Defendant’s probation agreement said that he’d submit to probation searches “at the request of” the probation officer. Searching without a prior request was fatal. State v. Jaskowski, 2018 Ida. LEXIS 19 (Jan 18, 2018). “The Franks challenge to paragraph three … Continue reading

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LA2: No REP in text messages in another person’s cell phone

Defendant had no reasonable expectation of privacy in text messages in another person’s cell phone. State v. Young, 2018 La. App. LEXIS 110 (La. App. 2 Cir. Jan. 18, 2018). Defendant was on parole and his parole agreement required he … Continue reading

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