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IN: Def was stuck under car at gas station then freed herself before officer got over there; stop under community caretaking function was unreasonable

Defendant was stuck under her car at a gas station when the officer saw her. He started toward her and she freed herself, got in the car and was attempting to drive away when the officer stopped her. Surveying cases … Continue reading

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W.D.Mo.: Dispute over inventory didn’t need to be resolved because automobile exception applied in any event

Defendant was stopped for no front license plate, and that led to a finding that his DL was revoked and the vehicle unlicensed. During his arrest, it was determined that there was an outstanding warrant for his arrest. The officer … Continue reading

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IN: No RS for a protective sweep after def was arrested

A protective sweep of a closed room requires reasonable suspicion that an attack could be launched from the room. After defendant was arrested, there was no reasonable suspicion there was anybody else in the house; therefore, no reasonable suspicion. Johnson … Continue reading

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The automobile exception is 92 years old today

Carroll v. United States, 267 U.S. 132 (1925)

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OR: Automobile exception applies to any lawful stop where PC of a crime develops

The automobile exception applies when a vehicle is lawfully stopped for any reason and then probable cause develops. State v. Bliss, 283 Ore. App. 833, 2017 Ore. App. LEXIS 256 (Feb. 23, 2017). Defendant requested a meeting with the police … Continue reading

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NE: Automobile exception depends upon its mobility, not on def’s ability to move it

The automobile depends only on the mobility of the vehicle and not on whether defendant could be the one moving it. Even if he’s in custody, the vehicle is still movable. State v. Rocha, 295 Neb. 716, 2017 Neb. LEXIS … Continue reading

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IA: CoA declines to obviate the automobile exception; that’s up to state SCt if it ever happens

“On appeal, Wagamon ‘urges that now is the time to determine if the automobile exception is out of date and incompatible with the protections offered by the Iowa Constitution.’” That’s the prerogative only of the state supreme court. State v. … Continue reading

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W.D.Pa.: After gun was found in car, search incident and automobile exception didn’t apply, but inventory was inevitable [right result, wrong reasoning]

After defendant’s car was stopped, the officers conducted a Michigan v. Long protective weapons search of the car while gaining control of the defendant, and a gun was located. There was a search incident: “Furthermore, he was standing at the … Continue reading

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S.D.Cal.: Def, a citizen of Mexico suspected of drug trafficking in his mother’s car, was lawfully arrested when he was lured to a border crossing to talk about her permanent resident status

Defendant’s mother, a citizen of Mexico who crossed regularly at Tecate, was arrested for importation of meth in her car, which she claimed was a gift from her son. Officers were looking for him and finally found him in Mexico … Continue reading

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KS: Getting in car after a drug deal makes its search subject to search incident and automobile exception

Defendant did a drug deal with narcs and had $220 in cash with recorded numbers. He got in his car. On the stop of the car, the search for the $220 was justified by either search incident to arrest or … Continue reading

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