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PA: Even though gun suppressed from unconsensual search, prior observation of gun by victim still admissible

Defendant was reported to have pointed a gun at a woman, and the police showed up. The gun was suppressed as far as his involuntary consent was concerned, but the state’s reference to the gun was not cause for a … Continue reading

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N.D.Iowa: Rejecting R&R, court finds stop pretextual and without RS

After USMJ sustained the stop (United States v. McLemore, 2016 U.S. Dist. LEXIS 177419 (N.D.Iowa Dec. 21, 2016), posted here), the USDJ disagrees and disbelieves the officer’s testimony and finding the stop pretextual that the paper temporary tag couldn’t be … Continue reading

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CA7 grants rehearing en banc in case described as “parking while black”

From How Appealing: Seventh Circuit grants rehearing en banc in a case the dissent criticized as “enabling police seizures for ‘parking while black’”: Thanks to a reader of the blog, I have learned that yesterday the U.S. Court of Appeals … Continue reading

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W.D.Ohio: Factual basis for stop overcomes pretext

There was a factual basis for the stop, so the pretext argument fails. United States v. Diaz-Cordova, 2016 U.S. Dist. LEXIS 91591 (N.D.Ohio July 14, 2016). It appears that the U.S. Marshals had objectively reasonable belief that defendant was where … Continue reading

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NPR: To Reduce Bias, Some Police Departments Are Rethinking Traffic Stops

NPR: To Reduce Bias, Some Police Departments Are Rethinking Traffic Stops by Jeff Cohen:

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E.D.Wis.: Fact no ticket was issued for cause for stop doesn’t make stop unconstitutional

The stop was justified, and the fact the officers had a subjective motive to conduct a drug investigation and never issued a traffic ticket doesn’t make the stop and search unconstitutional. The search warrant for defendant’s home was based on … Continue reading

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S.D.Ind.: Where factual basis for stop, pretext fails

Because there was a factual basis for defendant’s stop, defendant’s pretext argument that the officer was looking for his guns fails. United States v. Parker, 2016 U.S. Dist. LEXIS 62140 (S.D.Ind. May 11, 2016).* Defendant’s unsafe lane change justified a … Continue reading

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D.Minn.: Fleeing police, crashing car, and running away from it is abandonment

Defendant abandoned the car he was in: “after being pursued by officers at high speeds for several city blocks, Crenshaw drove the green Cadillac across a vacant lot, crashed it against the side of a private residence, exited the vehicle, … Continue reading

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MT: Pretext or subjective intent in a parole search is irrelevant

The subjective intent of the officers conducting a parole search for whether it is really a criminal investigative search is irrelevant. State v. Crawford, 2016 MT 96, 2016 Mont. LEXIS 280 (April 26, 2016):

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DE: No standing, no IAC for not moving to suppress

Defense counsel didn’t file an affidavit in this IAC case, so the court presumes that failure to file a motion to suppress was objectively unreasonable. Nevertheless, it wouldn’t have succeeded because defendant didn’t have standing to challenge the search. State … Continue reading

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