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CA4: Even if consent invalid, PC for SW came from independent sources

“[T]he district court did not err in denying Hernandez’s motion to suppress the evidence obtained from the Samsung T199 phone because the search pursuant to the warrant was ‘genuinely independent’ of the initial search. Murray, 487 U.S. at 542.” United … Continue reading

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CA9: Officer’s call to def’s PO during stop didn’t unreasonably prolong it, and PO requested search

The officer’s call to defendant’s PO during his traffic stop did not unreasonably prolong the stop. The PO separately had reasonable suspicion for a search and requested one. United States v. Seugasala, 2017 U.S. App. LEXIS 14173 (9th Cir. Aug. … Continue reading

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OH6: Stop and arrest outside officer’s territorial jurisdiction does not violate state constitution

The officer knew he was outside his territorial jurisdiction when he made a stop of a suspect DUI, but this doesn’t violate the Ohio Constitution. State v. Curran, 2017-Ohio-7008, 2017 Ohio App. LEXIS 3130 (6th Dist. July 28, 2017). Lack … Continue reading

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GA engages in de novo review of consent claim when facts aren’t in dispute

Since the facts are undisputed, the court does de novo review and finds that defendant consented to the breath test and reverses. State v. Jacobs, 2017 Ga. App. LEXIS 361 (Aug. 2, 2017). “Counsel was not ineffective in failing to … Continue reading

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D.Nev.: Nighttime search clause in SW moot where search was during day

Police showed probable cause for a DNA search warrant in an effort to connect defendant to an armed robbery. The warrant had a nighttime search clause. Since this all happened during daylight hours, any issues with the nighttime clause are … Continue reading

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W.D.Ark.: Can’t relitigate appealed search issue in a 2255

“The very Fourth Amendment issues now raised by Berger in this § 2255 proceeding were raised and decided adversely to him on direct appeal. … He may not do so again now.” United States v. Berger, 2017 U.S. Dist. LEXIS … Continue reading

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CA5: Plaintiff’s civil search claim was barred by Heck v. Humphrey, but his due process claim was not

Plaintiff’s civil search claim was barred by Heck v. Humphrey, but his due process claim was not. Shugart v. Six Unknown Fannin Cty. Sheriffs, 2017 U.S. App. LEXIS 14190 (5th Cir. Aug. 2, 2017):

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