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Arkansas Times: Benton County prosecutors drop Amazon Echo murder case

Arkansas Times: Benton County prosecutors drop Amazon Echo murder case by Max Brantley:

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SCOTUSBlog: Wednesday round-up [Carpenter]

SCOTUSBlog: Wednesday round-up by Edith Rogers:

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D.Minn.: Govt pinned its vehicle search on lack of standing and lost, so vehicle search suppressed; house search, however, shown to be by consent

Even though somebody else owned the van, defendant was a regular user and that gave him standing. At the time of the seizure, it had broken down, and he used it then for storage. The government failed to show any … Continue reading

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D.Minn.: DHS could stop airplane on ground for pilot certificate inspection; after PC found, airplane subject to automobile exception because of mobility

Federal officers can seek a pilot certificate inspection (PCI) of any airplane. 14 C.F.R. 61.51(i). “Although it seems obvious that the agents were interested in Defendants’ plane for drugs—and therefore that the PCI was merely a pretext to dig around—officers … Continue reading

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E.D.La.: Casing parked cars the weekend before Mardi Gras then all getting in one car was RS

“As noted, the troopers had reasonable suspicion to stop the defendants. The troopers had watched a man, at night, in a high crime area during Mardi Gras, the busiest weekend of the year, peer into several unoccupied vehicles, and then … Continue reading

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CA6: Def had a gun pointed at him during arrest, but it was put away after he was handcuffed; consent found on totality

“The district court did not clearly err in determining that Pavon’s consent to the search of his vehicle was voluntary and without coercion. Officer Josh Walters testified that he twice asked for and received consent from Pavon to search the … Continue reading

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