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EFF: Border Agents Need A Warrant to Search Travelers’ Phones, EFF Tells Court

EFF: Border Agents Need A Warrant to Search Travelers’ Phones, EFF Tells Court (press release): The Border Isn’t a Constitution-Free Zone Richmond, Virginia—Border agents must obtain a warrant to search travelers’ phones, tablets, and laptops, which contain a vast trove … Continue reading

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D.Ariz.: Immigration checkpoint stop can be enlarged because of smell of marijuana

During an immigration checkpoint on a state highway in Arizona, the smell of marijuana coming from the car allowed the stop to go longer under Rodriguez. “Ruiz-Hernandez has not pointed to any authority, in any context, where law enforcement is … Continue reading

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D.Minn.: SW for “pornography” that “constitutes a crime” is specific enough to include CP

A search warrant for “pornography” that “constitutes a crime” is specific enough to include child pornography despite the fact that adult pornography isn’t a crime. There was also probable cause for issuance of the search warrant. United States v. Barthman, … Continue reading

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E.D.Pa.: Citizen informant pointing out def face-to-face presumptively reliable

A citizen informant pointing out defendant as having a gun, right in front of him, is entitled to presumptive credibility because she exposed her knowledge to defendant and risked retaliation. United States v. Slone, 2017 U.S. Dist. LEXIS 38515 (E.D. … Continue reading

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CA10: QI isn’t determined by violation of state law; has to be violation of federal law

In a fractured panel decision, the Tenth Circuit holds that federal law governs qualified immunity, not state law. Here, defendant violated clearly established state law, but the district court didn’t decide whether it violated clearly established federal law. Remanded. Stanley … Continue reading

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IL: Dropping bottle when officer rolled down his window and said “come here” was not in response to a seizure

Defendant abandoned bottle of cannabis by dropping it when the officer rolled down his window and said “come here.” The court spends many paragraphs agreeing with the trial court that defendant hadn’t been seized at that point because it was … Continue reading

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W.D.Ky.: Even if there wasn’t PC for a home search, there was RS for a parole search

Even if the officer’s showing was insufficient to show probable cause, the officer could rely on defendant’s parole search waiver for the search because the information clearly provided at least reasonable suspicion. United States v. Ickes, 2017 U.S. Dist. LEXIS … Continue reading

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D.Del.: Dog sniff at a storage unit not a search

A dog sniff at a storage unit didn’t violate any reasonable expectation of privacy. It isn’t the same as curtilage of the home. Defendant’s attempt to show a Franks discrepancy because he originally rented C43 but moved two weeks later … Continue reading

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