IA: The facts showing RS can also add up to PC

The facts supporting reasonable suspicion to stop defendant were enough for probable cause, and add to that the fact defendant slowed down and tossed a baggie of marijuana from the car. Mention in a search warrant of a Nevada drug arrest but omitting that defendant wasn’t convicted wasn’t material to the issuance of the warrant. State v. Baker, 2018 Iowa App. LEXIS 915 (Oct. 10, 2018).

Defendant’s frisk was reasonable even though the officer put his hands into defendant’s pockets. The bulky items in defendant’s pockets were concern enough. Defendant’s failure to articulate and brief a misidentification issue at the beginning of the stop waived it. Ultimately, defendant consented to searches. United States v. Zambrano, 2018 U.S. App. LEXIS 28399 (11th Cir. Oct. 9, 2018).*

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