OH2: Old arrest for weapons charge made patdown after jaywalking stop in high crime area reasonable

Jaywalking stop in a high crime drug area led to officers finding about years’ old prior arrest for weapons. It was not unreasonable to pat defendant down. There admittedly was no other suggestion of criminality. State v. Allen, 2021-Ohio-3047 (2d Dist. Sept. 2, 2021).

In his stop, defendant was found with a knife, and the officer saw ammunition in the door. The passenger said there was a gun in the car, and defendant was known to be a convicted felon. Thus, the search of the car was reasonable. Cassity v. State, 09-19-00227-CR (Tex. App. – Beaumont Sept. 8, 2021).*

On the totality, defendant consented to the taking of a DNA swab. State v. Jones, 2021-Ohio-3050 (2d Dist. Sept. 3, 2021).*

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