Trump team lawyer doesn’t understand search warrant process

Trump team lawyer doesn’t understand search warrant process, from Trump lawyer John Dowd: Robert Mueller’s team using tactics employed ‘in Russia not America’ by Anna Giaritelli in the Washington Examiner:

“These failures by special counsel to exhaust less intrusive methods is a fatal flaw in the warrant process and would call for a motion to suppress the fruits of the search,” Dowd wrote in an email obtained by

“Thus, it appears the search warrant here was obtained by a gross abuse of the judicial process by the special counsel’s office. In addition, given the obvious unlawful deficiencies, this extraordinary invasive tool was employed for its shock value to try to intimidate Mr. Manafort and bring him to his needs (sic),” Dowd added. “These methods are normally found and employed in Russia not America.”

And this isn’t even a close question. And this is why lawyers shouldn’t be flacks because (but, hey, anything for FoxNews), if this issue ever gets to court, only Manafort has standing, and Manafort loses on this issue because this is so well settled, like from this Aug. 7 post. From all I’ve read, the execution process was legal, albeit maybe heavy handed for a white collar case. We won’t learn the reasons for execution like this until it’s litigated, if it ever is.

And remember two weeks ago? Trump said that police officers shouldn’t be “too nice” to those they deal with.

h/t Orin Kerr on the Examiner article

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