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The Atlantic: The Populist Right’s Elitist Approach to Surveillance Abuses

The Atlantic: The Populist Right’s Elitist Approach to Surveillance Abuses by Conor Friedersdorf: If only the Republican Party were as attentive to the violations of the rights of ordinary Americans as it is to the FBI’s treatment of Donald Trump.

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CA6: SW for house where CP was created and sex trafficking occurred wasn’t stale after two months

Defendant was convicted of creating child pornography and sex trafficking minors. The search warrant was issued two months after the last act, but the list of acts (photography of CP; beatings) that occurred in defendant’s residence and the things sought … Continue reading

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TN: Where BAC forensic testing budget depends on convictions, due process violated

A state fee for forensic testing of BAC in the TBI that depends on convictions is essentially a contingent fee for conviction. The TBI forensic team are not adjudicators in the Tumey-Ward due process analysis, but it is clear that … Continue reading

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NC: Remanded for findings on whether officer exceeded private search in searching flash drive

Defendant’s longtime girlfriend looked in his briefcase for information about a prior housekeeper, and she looked at a flash drive and scrolled through folders. She stumbled upon a photograph of her daughter sleeping shirtless. She turned the drive over to … Continue reading

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