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Lawfare: The Dubious Legal Claim Behind #ReleaseTheMemo

Lawfare: The Dubious Legal Claim Behind #ReleaseTheMemo by Orin Kerr: [Spoiler alert: I agree that it is more than dubious since two branches of our government have absolutely no clue what the Fourth Amendment means. It’s like a Franks challenge: … Continue reading

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D.Mass: Seeking CP from work computer created reasonable inference he’d have CP on home computer

The fact defendant sought out child pornography from his work computer, coupled with the fact he had internet access at home, made it a reasonable inference that child pornography would be on his home computer. United States v. Mantha, 2018 … Continue reading

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PA: Furtive movements then refusing to remove hands from pockets was RS

On a report of a man with a gun, officers went to area and found defendant who didn’t exactly match the description. As they circled the block, defendant would change directions. When they pulled up next to him, which was … Continue reading

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