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ZDNet: Facebook gives moderators “full access” to user accounts suspected of terror links

ZDNet: Facebook gives moderators “full access” to user accounts suspected of terror links by Zack Whittaker: Facebook has a fleet of low-paid contractors who are tasked with investigating possible connections with terrorism on its site. The key takeaway: Moderators are … Continue reading

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KSFY: ACLU files suit over forced catheterization process

KSFY: ACLU files suit over force catheterization process:

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CA11: Defs running a CC fraud operation calling the police to report a burglary of their place consented to entry when the police showed up to investigate them but said they were CSIs

Defendants were involved in credit card fraud. They were the victims of a burglary, and the burglar snitched them off. The police were called to investigate the burglary and these investigators came as a ruse that they were crime scene … Continue reading

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OH10: Flight from a Terry stop was PC for search incident

“Because appellant committed an arrestable offense when he fled from the lawful Terry stop, the search of appellant’s person following his apprehension was constitutionally reasonable as a search incident to arrest.” State v. Johnson, 2017-Ohio-5527, 2017 Ohio App. LEXIS 2583 … Continue reading

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D.S.D.: Photos of defs didn’t match the description of officers where that was part of RS calculus; search suppressed

The USMJ credited the defendants on the reasonable suspicion for continuing the stop based on the photographs of the defendants after their arrest that didn’t match what the officer was relying on for their dress and jewelry. No reasonable suspicion, … Continue reading

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