CA10: A KS child welfare pick-up order was valid on its face in CO and didn’t need to be registered to satisfy 4A

A Kansas court issued a pick-up order for ten children from one family for various allegations. At the time the family was found, they were in Colorado, and the order was executed there. There was no statutory or constitutional duty to register the order in Colorado before execution, and it was valid on its face under Colorado’s family services policies. N.E.L. v. Douglas County, 2018 U.S. App. LEXIS 18129 (10th Cir. July 3, 2018).

Plaintiff’s pro se § 1983 action fails on every front (failed to show a conspiracy or due process violation or that parties were subject to suit), and the court doesn’t even have to address whether there is a Heck bar. Wilk v. St. Lucie County Fla. Sheriff Office, 2018 U.S. App. LEXIS 17994 (11th Cir. July 2, 2018).

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