ID: Police knowledge def was attempting to destroy evidence of a murder including burning the body and other evidence was exigency for entry

Police knowledge defendant was destroying evidence of a violent crime on his premises was exigency for a warrantless entry. “Lopez reported to the police that he had seen Davis’s body.” Police knew: “Smith was actively attempting to destroy evidence by burning parts or all of the victim’s body in her wood stove and cleaning blood and brain material from the wall; Smith tried to recruit Lopez to help her move Davis’s body; and Smith intended to burn the couch, which contained blood and brain matter, and what remained of Davis’s body, outside her home.” The severity of the crime “together with Lopez’s detailed description of Smith’s efforts to destroy evidence, it was reasonable under these circumstances for the officers to enter Smith’s home without a warrant.” State v. Smith, 2021 Ida. LEXIS 48 (Mar. 23, 2021).

Officers request to come outside to talk was not a Fourth Amendment violation. Reagan v. Idaho Transp. Dep’t, 2021 Ida. LEXIS 47 (Mar. 23, 2021).*

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