IL: Def’s leaving house to deliver to a controlled buy was nexus for house

There was nexus for the search warrant for defendant’s house where he was alleged to have left his house and driven directly to the scene of a controlled buy where he was delivering. People v. Teague, 2019 IL App (3d) 170017, 2019 Ill. App. LEXIS 853 (Oct. 24, 2019).

Police received a 911 domestic violence call, and the responding officer encountered defendant who matched the description of the alleged assailant within a minute of dispatch of the call. He was slurring his words. Defendant’s patdown was reasonable. State v. Lewis, 2019 Conn. LEXIS 296 (Oct. 29, 2019).*

Defense counsel wasn’t ineffective for not raising a motion to suppress the contents of a bookbag found on the ground outside the house of another searched with a warrant. Defendant can’t show any reasonable expectation of privacy. Hodges v. United States, 2019 U.S. Dist. LEXIS 185325 (S.D.Ga. Oct. 25, 2019).*

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