OH5: It was reasonable to run the dog around a car in a traffic stop where it happened without extending the stop during waiting time

The trial court did not err in denying the motion to suppress where the officer ran the dog around the car within the time of the normal traffic stop. Therefore, the traffic stop was not illegally extended because the purpose of the traffic stop had yet to be fulfilled when the trooper made the decision to walk his dog around defendant’s car since the trooper had not completed writing the warning ticket. Also, the entire process of the traffic stop took a little over 16 minutes, which usually takes 10-20 minutes to complete. State v. Elliot, 2019-Ohio-4411, 2019 Ohio App. LEXIS 4439 (5th Dist. Oct. 23, 2019).

Defendant was in a disabled vehicle that the officer stopped to help. When the officer saw a gun in the car, he told defendant to put his hands on the car so he could retrieve it. That was the stop. The strong odor of marijuana coming from defendant and his car provided probable cause. United States v. Scriven, 2019 U.S. Dist. LEXIS 184156 (E.D. Va. Oct. 23, 2019).*

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