PA: Commercial truck checkpoint stops governed by Burger, not by general checkpoint rules

Checkpoint stops of commercial vehicle are government by New York v. Burger, already followed in Pennsylvania, and not other checkpoint case law. Checkpoint case law doesn’t fit with commercial vehicle inspections. Commonwealth v. Maguire, 2019 Pa. LEXIS 4704 (Aug. 22, 2019).

There was probable cause for plaintiff’s arrest for simple assault under Florida law. The fact there were no outward signs of injury doesn’t mean that probable cause ceased to exist once the officer saw the victim. Handcuffing plaintiff wasn’t excessive when she rejected the officer’s suggestion of how to get more comfortable in the police car. Huebner v. Bradshaw, 2019 U.S. App. LEXIS 25020 (11th Cir. Aug. 22, 2019).*

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