D.Mass.: GFE applies to scope of search under SW where place to be searched was two floors, not one

The issue here is whether the search warrant was overbroad because it turned out that the place to be searched was really two floors not one, but it wasn’t obvious from the outside. “The Court need not resolve this complex issue because, even if the warrant only authorized a search of the second floor and the officers exceeded its scope by searching the third-floor bedroom, the good-faith exception to the exclusionary rule applies.” United States v. Pimentel, 2019 U.S. Dist. LEXIS 134853 (D. Mass. Aug. 12, 2019).

Shelby County officers shooting a suicidal man with a knife at his own throat was excessive force. “May police officers shoot an uncooperative individual when he presents an immediate risk to himself but not to others? No, case law makes clear. We thus affirm the district court’s decision to deny the officers’ motion for summary judgment based on qualified immunity.” Studdard v. Shelby County, 2019 U.S. App. LEXIS 23894 (6th Cir. Aug. 12, 2019).*

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