WA: EMTs would be medicating and intubating def in transit after car wreck, and that’s exigency for warrantless blood draw

Defendant was in a bad wreck and the first responders could smell alcohol. He was going to be medicated and intubated for transport to the ER. A warrantless blood draw was reasonable for exigent circumstances because the sample would have been compromised if they waited for a search warrant. State v. Anderson, 2019 Wash. App. LEXIS 2023 (Aug. 5, 2019).

Defendant was somehow suspected of alcohol importation and an Alaska State Trooper met her at the Kotzebue airport. The interaction was consensual, and she consented to a search of her bag. Davis v. StateDavis v. StateDavis v. State, 2019 Alas. App. LEXIS 110 (Aug. 7, 2019).*

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