M.D.Pa.: Consent to “look around the home” is broad consent

Consent to “look around the home” is broad consent. “Here, Special Agent Kovach asked Defendant if he minded if the ATF agents looked around the Home, to which Defendant replied, ‘No.’ … Special Agent Kovach’s search request was broad, and Defendant’s answer indicated consent without any caveat or limitation as to where the ATF agents could search in the Home. The Court thus concludes that Defendant’s initial consent to search the home permitted the ATF Agents to search the entire Home until consent was withdrawn. Up to the point of the seizure of the clothing at issue, none of the relevant testimony suggests that Defendant withdrew his consent. Accordingly, the Court also concludes that up to Special Agent Kovach’s seizure of the sweatshirt, hat, and gloves, Defendant did not withdraw his consent to search the Home.” United States v. Morales, 2018 U.S. Dist. LEXIS 199662 (M.D. Pa. Nov. 27, 2018).

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