NE: Having only key to rented car glovebox and not to car itself didn’t give standing

Having a key to the glovebox of a rented car, but not to the car itself, was not a sufficient reasonable expectation of privacy in the rented car to have standing. Defendant couldn’t get into the car without somebody else letting him in. As to the stop, the question to the driver didn’t unreasonably extend the stop. State v. Abu-Serieh, 25 Neb. App. 462, 464, 2018 Neb. App. LEXIS 16 (Jan. 17, 2018).

The pen register installed on defendant’s phone was put there with probable cause. “The SCA [and the state version] requires less than probable cause and essentially only requires reasonable suspicion for issuance of an order for disclosure.” State v. Forte, 2018 N.C. App. LEXIS 51 (Jan 16, 2018).*

The informant’s story provided probable cause for the search warrant. People v. Rivera, 2018 NY Slip Op 00260, 2018 N.Y. Misc. LEXIS 69 (1st Dept. Jan. 17, 2018).*

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