OR: Adm subpoena was within agency’s power; third party doctrine issue saved for later with better facts

The administrative subpoena issued here by the Oregon Department of Consumer and
Business Services was “squarely” within its statutory investigative power of regulating unregistered securities. “Given the factual and legal posture in which this issue arises, we resolve this case on the following ground: Even if defendant has a protected privacy interest in his wife’s bank records, our decisions lead to the conclusion that the administrative subpoenas issued by DCBS did not violate defendant’s Article I, section 9, rights. We leave for another day the question whether and in what circumstances a defendant will have a protected privacy interest in information that a third party maintains, a question that can arise in differing factual circumstances which can have a bearing on its resolution. On that basis, we affirm the Court of Appeals decision and the trial court’s judgment.” State v. Ghim, 360 Ore. 425 (Oct. 13, 2016)

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