CO: Opening door to confirm VIN of possible stolen car was reasonable when the dashboard VIN was covered

The officers had reasonable suspicion that the car was stolen. They exhausted all the possibilities without confirming one way or the other, and the VIN on the dashboard wasn’t visible. Opening the door to see the VIN on the door jam was reasonable under the circumstances. People v. Cattaneo, 2020 COA 40, 2020 Colo. App. LEXIS 571 (Mar. 12, 2020).

This case involved a stop by a Purdue University Police Officer based on reasonable suspicion on information provided by a CI, and it included that defendant would have drugs in his vehicle. Extending the stop for a drug dog was reasonable. Danh v. State, 2020 Ind. App. LEXIS 99 (Mar. 12, 2020).*

The officer stop satisfied reasonable suspicion for defendant’s car because the windows appeared over tinted. The officer’s seeing his reflection in the tinted window was then probable cause without actually testing the windows. State v. Williams, 2020 Ga. App. LEXIS 182 (Mar. 12, 2020).*

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