N.D.Iowa: Std of review of PC for a warrant is not de novo

The standard of review of probable cause for a search warrant is not de novo—it’s whether there is a substantial basis for believing that evidence would be found. Here, “Although some of the information lacked detail, the volume and corroboration of the information constitutes substantial evidence in support of probable causes here. … The level of specificity demanded by defendant is not necessary. … Law enforcement officers obtained information from multiple sources who corroborated key aspects of defendant’s alleged criminal activity over the span of months. These sources described an ongoing scheme in which defendant would frequently use his silver Cadillac or silver van to transport drugs from Kansas City to Dubuque.” Finally, the good faith exception applies. United States v. Seys, 2019 U.S. Dist. LEXIS 181288 (N.D. Iowa Oct. 21, 2019).*

Two search warrants issued in a death investigation, one in Georgia and one in Vermont, were both supported by probable cause. Leili v. State, 2019 Ga. LEXIS 703 (Oct. 21, 2019).*

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