D.Neb.: POs came to def’s house, smelled meth, and had RS for a search

Defendant was on a parole and drew her PO’s suspicion when she said she was putting money on a card at CVS since she was unemployed. They made a home visit and smelled methamphetamine cooking. They had reasonable suspicion for an entry into her home. She was under a warrantless search condition. United States v. Swisher, 2019 U.S. Dist. LEXIS 173123 (D. Neb. Sept. 20, 2019).*

Defendant’s claim defense counsel was ineffective for not filing a motion to suppress his social media accounts is denied because there’s nothing in the record to show that it would have been granted if made. People v. Thomas, 2019 NY Slip Op 07204, 2019 N.Y. App. Div. LEXIS 7199 (4th Dept. Oct. 4, 2019).*

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