S.D.Cal.: Yahoo’s intensive internal investigation into CP trafficking reported to NCMEC and then law enforcement was purely private search

Yahoo conducted an extensive internal investigation with public source information and its own records to identify accounts trafficking in child pornography from the Philippines. They reported twice to law enforcement and to NCMEC, and then law enforcement got involved. Yahoo’s own investigation was purely a private investigation and search of its own customers’ information, and it was never instigated or urged on by the government. United States v. Rosenow, 2018 U.S. Dist. LEXIS 198054 (S.D. Cal. Nov. 21, 2018).

According to the state, defendant’s cell phone has evidentiary value through his appeal and post-conviction proceedings, so it was not required to return the phone until proceedings were exhausted. State v. Thompson, 2018-Ohio-4690, 2018 Ohio App. LEXIS 5015 (2d Dist. Nov. 21, 2018).

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