PA: There was no PC for entry on a two-month-old capias

Defendant was arrested as a result of an entry on a capias for a domestic relations “violation.” The warrant was two months getting served, and there was no inquiry into whether defendant was residing at the home of a friend at the time. Thus, there was no probable cause for the entry. Commonwealth v. Chisholm, 2018 PA Super 391, 2018 Pa. Super. LEXIS 1156 (Oct. 30, 2018).

Defendant was lawfully detained in the book-in area in the jail when she abandoned meth secreted in her vagina. Officers were attempting to get a search warrant for a body cavity search when abandonment occurred. State v. Ibarra, 2018 Ida. App. LEXIS 47 (Oct. 30, 2018).*

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