DE animal control officers can get arrest warrants for animal offenses

Animal control officers in Delaware have the authority to obtain arrest warrants for animal control laws. Smith v. First State Animal Center, 2018 Del. Super. LEXIS 423 (Oct. 4, 2018).*

Excessive window tinting justified the stop, and the officer didn’t need a tint meter to do it; he could see it (so he credibly said). “The Court concludes that, based upon the lawfulness of the traffic stop and Defendant’s suspicious behavior, including his belligerence and failure to comply with the officers’ instructions, the law enforcement officers’ conduct in asking Defendant to place his hands on the vehicle so that he could be frisked was justified.” United States v. Lucas, 2018 U.S. Dist. LEXIS 172931 (W.D. N.Y. Oct. 5, 2018).*

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