DE: Police corroborated masked juvenile robber’s identity enough to get SW for his place

Defendant juvenile was in a Walgreens with his stepfather, and the sales clerk suspected he’d robbed them two weeks earlier wearing the same clothes. The Walgreens reward number of the father was used to track the address of the juvenile. The police developed probable cause. “Although this eyewitness identification alone might not be enough to get a search warrant because the suspect’s face was partially covered at the time of the January 2017 robbery of the Walgreens, this fact when combined with the other facts detailed in the application for a search warrant establish probable cause and show that the police had more than a ‘generalized suspicion’ that Respondent was responsible for the Walgreens robbery. For example, Respondent lives in the sub-division where the suspect fled on foot following each robbery, his physical appearance is similar to that described by the witnesses, and he was surveilled, on several occasions, wearing clothes similar to those worn by the suspect. Furthermore, the similarities between the facts of the robberies are sufficient to link Respondent to each robbery due to the geographic proximity of the stores to each other, the suspect’s use of demand notes and disguises, the suspect’s physical appearance, and his fleeing on foot in the same general direction after each robbery.” State v. C. B. M., 2018 Del. Fam. Ct. LEXIS 30 (Sep. 25, 2018).*

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