OH5: Search was by consent: officer “[c]ontinually refreshed the voluntariness of the encounter”

The search of the hotel room was by consent. “Based on the foregoing, we find that the trial court did not err in finding that the consent to search was ‘voluntary, uncoerced and valid’ and that the detectives ‘[c]ontinually refreshed the voluntariness of the encounter, and continued to meet with complete cooperation from the Defendant [appellant] and co-defendant which cements the voluntariness of the consensual interaction of the parties.’” State v. Moscoso, 2018-Ohio-2877, 2018 Ohio App. LEXIS 3110 (5th Dist. July 23, 2018).*

Defendant’s poor performance of the FST and his appearance supported probable cause for his arrest. State v. Yost, 2018-Ohio-2873, 2018 Ohio App. LEXIS 3107 (3d Dist. July 23, 2018).*

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