OH12: 911 call about overdose brought narcs and EMS; entry justified and plain view sustained

Defendant was making methamphetamine in his garage, and he overdosed on heroin. His mother found him and called 911. A narcotics officer arrived shortly before EMS, and he saw defendant on the floor with a used syringe near him. EMS administered Narcan to defendant and revived him. “During this check, Deputy Spears testified he also observed in plain view several syringes and ‘a glass jar that was boiling over’ sitting on a workbench less than five feet from where Hensgen had been found. Based on his training and experience, Deputy Spears also testified he believed the mason jar contained an active ‘one-pot’ methamphetamine lab.” The initial entry was justified by the exigency of the overdose call, and the evidence was all in plain view. Other officers were called to render the meth operation safe. State v. Hensgen, 2017-Ohio-8793, 2017 Ohio App. LEXIS 5230 (12th Dist. Dec. 4, 2017).

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