M.D.La.: Def claims an illegal search led to his arrest; his admissions on jail phone calls are attenuated from that

Defendant’s calls from jail to his girlfriend about destroying evidence were attenuated from any prior illegality. “The Court finds that the nexus between the original unlawful search and the challenged evidence was attenuated by the intervening phone calls, an independent criminal act. The nexus was further attenuated by the subsequent probable cause and consent searches, neither of which have been challenged. Accordingly, the challenged evidence was derived by a ‘means sufficiently distinguishable to be purged of the primary taint.’” United States v. Reed, 2017 U.S. Dist. LEXIS 147331 (M.D. La. Sept. 12, 2017).

Defendant showed no possessory interest in his girlfriend’s car to have standing to object to a search of it. And, the record shows she consented to the search. Hill v. State, 2017 Miss. App. LEXIS 543 (Sept. 12, 2017).*

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