CA8: Eviction from motel by off-duty officer working motel security led to FIPF charge; entry was lawful

Off-duty police worked at a Kansas City motel that had a rash of crime, trying to clean the place up. Defendant was being evicted from a motel because he was driving a stolen car – his companion had already been arrested in it. The off-duty officer and management went to the room and knocked and got no answer. They entered and found defendant on the bed with a gun. He was a felon. The eviction from the motel was lawful. Stoner v. California is distinguished because that entry was just to conduct a search, not do an eviction of a tenant for committing a crime on hotel property. United States v. Peoples, 2017 U.S. App. LEXIS 7098 (8th Cir. April 24, 2017).

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