E.D.La.: Swabbing car door handle for DNA without a SW is a trespass to chattels and barred by Jones

Swabbing a car door handle for DNA was a trespass against the plaintiff’s vehicle under Jones. A trespass to land is governed by the Fourth Amendment under Jardines and trespass to chattels is under Jones. Damage doesn’t have to occur for it to be a Fourth Amendment issue. In a civil action, however, the rule wasn’t well established on facts similar to this, and the officers get qualified immunity. Schmidt v. Stassi, 2:16-cv-15902-LMA-JCW (E.D. La. April 19, 2017). (Noted in and h/t to WaPo: Swabbing a car door handle in a public lot to collect DNA is a Fourth Amendment trespass search by Orin Kerr)

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