GA: Statute on return of property must be followed; can’t apply to court first

In a juvenile proceeding, recovery of the juvenile’s cell phone required following a statutory procedure which wasn’t. One can’t just apply to the court first. The further claim that retention of the phone violated the Fourth Amendment wasn’t raised below and couldn’t be on appeal. In Interest of T.F.N., 2017 Ga. App. LEXIS 175 (April 14, 2017).

Police went to defendant’s seeking to talk to him for a showup based on information from the neighborhood through a woman who knew all about what went on there. Yes, it was just a street rumor. When they got to the apartment, however, the person answering the door lied about defendant being there, which only heightened the officers’ suspicion to reasonable suspicion. Jackson v. United States, 2017 D.C. App. LEXIS 81 (April 13, 2017).*

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