WV: Drug dog arrived and worked before ticket was finished; neither occupant had DLs, so the dog didn’t lengthen the stop

“As in Brock, the record on appeal in the instant case shows that the mission of the traffic stop was not completed at the time the dog sniff occurred. Officer Boggess testified that he was only approximately ‘three-quarters of the way through writing a citation’ when the canine unit arrived. Further, neither petitioner nor her co-defendant passenger had valid driver’s licenses, which, as the circuit court correctly found, ‘meant that neither was going to drive the vehicle’ away from the scene. As such, there was no unreasonable extension of an “otherwise completed traffic stop.” Therefore, we find no merit to petitioner’s arguments on appeal.” State v. Hill, 2017 W. Va. LEXIS 241 (April 10, 2017) (memorandum).

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