MO: A body between apartments justified an entry to see if there were other victims

Police get a call about women screaming and yelling and a body between two buildings. They show up and circumstances connect them to an apartment. A community caretaking function search for another victim is proper. State v. Shegog, 2017 Mo. App. LEXIS 121 (March 7, 2017).

Defendant was charged with DUI on a military base after a roadblock by Fort Stewart Military Police Department. Her allegation that the roadblock was a general crime control roadblock and not a permissible DUI roadblock has no factual support, and she does not even get a hearing on such a fact-free allegation in violation of local rule 12.1. United States v. Lovett-McGill, 2017 U.S. Dist. LEXIS 32441 (S.D. March 7, 2017).

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