Army Ct.Crim.App.: SW for evidence of sex abuse on computer didn’t include child porn

A military search warrant for evidence of “attempted sexual abuse of a child, abusive sexual contact with a child and other offenses related” did not include child pornography. When child pornography was found, another warrant was required, and CID didn’t obtain one. Suppression order affirmed. United States v. Gurczynski, 2016 CCA LEXIS 541 (Army Ct.Crim.App. Sept. 6, 2016) (memorandum).

Defendant’s breath test was valid and the form wasn’t misleading or unconstitutional under Birchfield (decided after the briefs were filed). State v. Cornwell, 294 Neb. 799, 2016 Neb. LEXIS 136 (Sept. 16, 2016).*

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