CA5: GFE question is reasonableness of executing officer’s belief in PC

The district court erred in finding that the search warrant here was bare bones and that the good faith exception did not apply. There was a factual basis from which a reasonable officer would conclude there was probable cause. “But, under the good-faith exception, we do not assess whether there definitively was such a nexus–we instead consider whether officers objectively could reasonably believe that there was.” United States v. Bell, 2020 U.S. App. LEXIS 33698 (5th Cir. Oct. 26, 2020).

Hearsay is, of course, admissible in a suppression hearing for the officer to testify to why a search occurred. State v. Karsikas, 2020-Ohio-5058, 2020 Ohio App. LEXIS 3891 (11th Dist. Oct. 26, 2020).

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