The Oklahoman: Portable x-ray for traffic stops

The Oklahoman: McClain County sheriff’s new device seeks contraband by Randy Ellis (“The McClain County Sheriff’s Office has new technology to use in its war on drugs and other crime — a hand-held X-ray device. The sophisticated technology can see through metal panels, rubber tires, mattresses and about anything else and visually tell an officer whether there is anything hidden inside that shouldn’t be there, said McClain County Sheriff Don Hewett. Hewett said his deputies are excited about all the potential uses of the device and believe it will be invaluable for traffic stops and in the search for contraband in the county jail.”)

Query: Is it a Jones trespass or not? What about a reasonable expectation of privacy since it seeks to “see through” solid surfaces not visible to the eye? Is reasonable suspicion all that’s required like in a dog sniff? Kyllo and Karo involved homes, so their analogy doesn’t work.

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