CO: Off-topic question about pill bottle felt during patdown didn’t unreasonably extend stop

Defendant was stopped for reasonable suspicion of having communicated a threat to his girlfriend. During the patdown of the defendant, the officer felt a pill bottle and asked about it, and defendant gave an incriminating response. The single off-topic question didn’t unreasonably extend the stop. People v. Ashford, 2020 CO 16, 2020 Colo. LEXIS 187 (Mar. 2, 2020).

This stop occurred because of a random LPN check showing the driver’s DL suspended. There was no erratic driving. From the car he could smell alcohol and a passenger was passed out. They were five blocks from the bar they left. The driver wasn’t slurring her words. Getting her out, she walked fine, but she smelled of alcohol. A field sobriety test was based on reasonable suspicion. State v. A.C., 2020-Ohio-713, 2020 Ohio App. LEXIS 662 (9th Dist. Mar. 2, 2020).*

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