D.Minn.: A vague allegation of no PC for SW is insufficient to get even a hearing; specifics needed

“Defendants’ earlier-filed motions fail to raise any specific deficiencies in the warrants, but rather generally allege that the warrants lack probable cause. Defendants have similarly failed to point to any specific shortcomings in the affidavits in support of each warrant. After review of each warrant and affidavit (Gov’t Exs. 6, 7, 8), the Court is satisfied that each included ample factual and background information to establish a fair probability that evidence would be found in each location. This conclusion is further supported by the R&R’s extensive analysis, which need not be repeated here. The search warrants were supported by probable cause, and Defendants’ objections are overruled.” United States v. Detloff Mktg. & Asset Mgmt., 2019 U.S. Dist. LEXIS 101611 (D. Minn. June 18, 2019).

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