CA6: No QI for a baseless stop, strip search, and body cavity search and then tightening handcuffs for ptf’s complaining about his treatment

The officer gets no qualified immunity in his interlocutory appeal. On the complaint, plaintiff stated a claim that his stop was not objectively reasonable in the first place. A police dog was put into plaintiff’s vehicle, then it was searched and nothing was found. After that, the officer determined to do an apparently abusive strip search at the police station, including pulling plaintiff’s pants down, repeatedly searching by lifting plaintiff’s genitalia, and even allegedly putting a gloved finger in plaintiff’s anus (which isn’t clear on the video). Plaintiff complained about the abuse, and it only got worse. Finally, the officer gave up finding no drugs at all. No qualified immunity for a baseless stop, strip search, and body cavity search. Campbell v. Mack, 18-2156 (6th Cir. June 4, 2019).

See also Law & Crime: Cop Accused of Baselessly Searching Black Motorist’s ‘F***ing Ass Crack’ Will Get No Immunity by Matt Naham

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